West Nile Virus
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West Nile Virus is a disease that is just beginning to jump into the human barrier. In 2002-2003 there was an epidemic of WNV among humans where the majority of cases were in the Mid-West United States. With the hurricanes that occured in 2005 led to a rise of WNV cases in that particular area due to the mosquitoes having a habitat that they were able to easily reproduce in with little competition.

Top 10 WNV States (aka, Top Ten States You Don't Want to be Near Mosquitoes):

1. Colorado (3703)
2. Nebraska (2599)
3. California (1941)
4. Texas (1635)
5. South Dakota (1469)
6. Illinois (1465)
7. Idaho (1013)
8. Louisiana (913)
9. North Dakota (860)
10. Michigan (766)
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